Typography Exhibition

Posted On 15 Nov 2009

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Typography Exhibition of DEU Graphic Design Master Degree Students,

12th November 2009

Here is my 6 posters for half-season typography exhibition at school. The name of the exhibition is “I”. The point is to represent a poster serial has 6 parts with our style. I’d choosen to combine typography and illustration of course,  for as much as illustration is the indispensable thing when I design something. You can see the message clearly at  whole serial. I don’t know, may well be  you would have solved the secret message yourself.

All the posters are handmade. I’d painted them with indian ink. The sizes are 35/95 cm. The colored words were painted with serigraphy paints, at first I’ve painted them with oil paints but they weren’t  closure enough. At the exhibition time, that you can see on the photographs, the paints weren’t dry and they flowed down. But this situation was a good point because the ink is really wet on exhibition time by having two meanings of the message “Do Not  Let Your Ink Dry” . And I thank my classmate Ayhan for his help to paint them in 15 minutes! Oh this was absolutely a student psycology I can’t have escape on the last time safe!!

The openning ceremony of the exhibition is little but funny. Wine, roasted chickpeas and potato chips on the plastic plates were our ceremony menu, a classic fine arts student exhibition menu,  cheep and delicious! I hope  every thing were  allright according to our master Prof. Dr. H. Yakup Öztuna and the other guests. Now I feel as light as a bird finished the first exhibition.

Now have a nice sight!


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