My First Meeting with Sue BURSZTYNSKI

Posted On 25 Jan 2010

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A few days ago, I decided to send a friend request to Sue BURSZTYNSKI;  a writer, librarian, book reviewer, educator and a member of  www. (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) when I was searching members of  SCBWI. When I was looking up her blog,  I remembered one of her book, Your Cat Could Be A Spy,   saw in a bookstore in Istanbul.  And I’d sent an invitation to Sue Bursztynski.  However I received an email  was saying this invitation would have been a virus attack ,  next day.  After that,  I sent an introduction mail  told about who I am immediately.  Maybe I could have written an introduction  mail with the friend request.

I am sad making Sue worried about a virus attack.  Actually I found her comment a little bit strange at first, because I’d wrote all my details to my profile at SCBWI .

But she is right,  everyday everybody receives a lot of spam mails including viruses.  But rest assure, I’m not one of them 🙂 I’m only an illustrator!

I read only afew articles of her yet.  And I realized that both of us  like science fiction and fantastic literature. This is really nice and  enough to feel warm towards her. If you would like to see her writings and more information abour her, I linked her blog.

I hope this funny story would be a beginning of a good friendship. And thanks  to  Sue BURSZTYNSK very much for linking to my blog that’s very kind of her.

Welcome my new friend to my blog..


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