Kid’s Tales by Roya Hendesi

Posted On 09 Oct 2011

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“As promised, today I’ll take you inside Bibi’s home.  Let’s knock at the door and see if she’s there.   ..Knock, Knock….. here we go….   The old wooden door always makes this creaking sound as she gently pulls it open to welcome the visitors.    Can you see her silver hair shining under the bright rays of the sun?   Look at her kind, warm and welcoming smile that immediately attracts you into her cosy home.       This is why children from all four corners of the land come here so that Bibi can show them the treasures and take them on exciting journeys.
 “Hello and welcome dear friends.” Said Bibi with a kind voice.  “Come in and meet Saba,  my grand-daughter”.
….. “

by Roya Hendesi

Roya is inviting you to an exciting magic world of ancient times with her short stories every week.


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